Kamis, 29 September 2016

See Smart City from the viewpoint of the citizens of the city

Center for Innovation Policy and Governance (CIPG) recently released a report about the dynamics of the data collected by the Community (citizen-generated data) in Jakarta and Jakarta's Smart City how the program contributes to the implementation of open data. A report with the title From Smart City to Open City: Lessons from Jakarta Jakarta defines the Smart City Smart City as an initiative that promotes Government openness through public service. Research conducted by the CIPG aims to: understand how the Smart City initiative is achieving the goals that are expected to Identify the aspects that fall into this initiative review the factor endowments, barrier and make a proposal for the sustainability of this initiative Dinita Andriani Princess, Maharani Karlina, Tanaya and Jimmy from the research team concluded that CIPG Jakarta Smart City to some extent managed to bring the community closer to the Government. Three canals that were examined, namely Qlue, Waze and @petajkt has encouraged the public to contribute in providing information about the condition of public services in Jakarta including traffic conditions and map flood. The commitment and Collaboration of the factors deemed to encourage success are: the provincial government's commitment was strengthened by the Governor's Regulation No. 181 by 2014 about the system and procedure for Data management and information Development collaboration with non governmental organizations including the private sector and research institutes the proximity of citizens with digital technology, thereby expanding access to the use of mobile phone-based canals From the Monitoring Mechanism to the Joint Planning Mechanism seen from the glasses open and the City Government are open (open city) New to Jakarta at the stage of building an integrated information platform. In discussion Smart City held CIPG on Thursday July 28, 2016, Glenn Mail Data from Open Labs States that currently, the Jakarta initiative Smart City is still limited as a mechanism of monitoring and need to be developed into initiatives that encourage joint development (co-create) where citizens are actively involved in the planning, implementation and management of the public service. Present in the discussion of such Technical Implementing Jakarta Head Smart City Setiaji, stating that the most important thing is not the technology in terms of its application, but it is on how the Government responds to incoming information. This entry is important not only for Jakarta but for various similar smart city initiative. The viewpoint of the citizens of the city of Jakarta has the highest internet penetration in Indonesia with 5.6 million inhabitants have access to the internet, and smart phones being the most commonly used gadget to access the internet. The existence of various mobile phone applications as Canal acceptance a complaint in accordance with this profile. In fact, one of the main findings of the research is that 70% of respondents did not know the existence of the Smart Jakarta City, although the respondent was the user one of the three previously mentioned canals (Qlue, Waze and @petajkt). Furthermore, the respondent stated that the use of the canals depending on relevance and immediacy with the daily needs of respondents. Information question hangs, for example, much needed and therefore Waze is more popular than the Smart Jakarta City. Another thing that was found was that most service users more consume information passively rather than actively contribute to providing information. The findings about the character the user canals need to be dug deeper. Additionally, one of the aspects that can be considered for the development of the Smart Jakarta City is a design based on users, i.e. the citizens of Jakarta. A map user journey (journey of the folder) can provide an overview of the patterns in the citizens wear the service from beginning to end, including information on the quality of services at points of interaction (touchpoints) citizens and canals that are available. These images can reinforce the recommendations provided in this report in particular regarding participation and consciousness of citizens. Challenges regarding the sustainability of this initiative is not limited to utilization of technology in the future. It should be also identified principles for managing information from the public (citizen-generated data) to improve the responsiveness of Government upon such information and data will not only have the function of monitoring but participatory city development mechanism.

Soundcloud Spotify was acquired, will kill the creativity of people in Music?

Soundcloud start deserted and abandoned by its inhabitants. This audio-based social media slowly towards bankruptcy and reportedly will be acquired by Spotify in the near future. As reported by The Verge, Spotify has already set up a Fund of 700 million U.s. dollars to buy a Soundcloud. This may be a fresh breeze that saved Soundcloud as one of the pioneers of social networking in the music after MySpace and Reverbnation, not as many as it used to be. However kemanakah gone hundreds of millions of songs are uploaded by users or individual artist/Soundcloud record labels from all over the world (including the songs I record) this later? Smule also briefly managed to steal market Soundcloud Smule is more practical for the recording than Soundcloud (musically.com) many users of Soundcloud now slam the steering wheel became a son of karaoke at Smule, a smartphone application for direct recording more practical. Soundcloud users will be more hassle in uploading his work because of having to record the music and the EP with a simple recording devices to the professionals. This makes Soundcloud users "blur". Soundcloud is also increasingly ineffective especially for indie bands who want to promote the music because the deserted visitors. Although some innovation try launched Soundcloud, the result is the same. Soundcloud user colleagues any more active use Smule and also switched to YouTube as the event showing off his work because of the combination of audio and visual is more interesting to enjoy people. Different genres with soundcloud Spotify is almost the same as Apple's Music and Google Play Music, Spotify is a streaming music subscription service that paid people to listen to music anywhere and anytime. While the Soundcloud user to upload any free the work of the user in the format of the audio to be heard and distributed to the public. This works by innovative new appear. As an indie musician, besides being beneficial to be able to share the work of music, Soundcloud also became the arena of search friends and fans. Even I can look for a new vocalist to join the band by searching for bakat-bakatnya here. If Spotify successfully acquires Soundcloud, means the same alone close the container's appreciation of musicians in this world. Then where else will they be anchored? Spotify may be well-meaning in protecting copyrighted works of the musician of piracy, because all the songs are uploaded on Soundcloud is easy once downloaded, free people. Major labels for musicians might not be too think about it. How about indie musicians? As we know, to upload a song onto Spotify is not easy. Song uploaded must be entered into the database of iTunes as well, which means that we have to spend enough in fees to upload and contracts per song. Not to mention the high audio quality standards are required and will be tested immediately by the sound engineer was certified before later officially released and sold on iTunes. Upon its release, the song we will automatically be heard via streaming music application like Spotify paid and Deezer. Certainly not commercial in nature such as Soundcloud Spotify, especially for indie musicians. Unlike a free Soundcloud, need the funds for my band could sell on iTunes and in the end can be heard around the world via Spotify Question, whether people will still buy songs or albums intact on iTunes if can be heard for free on Spotify? Soundcloud is supposed to be a potential promotional platform for bands or soloists are worldwide. Unfortunately, the clouds of orange this will disappear from circulation. YouTube may be the only stop on the end so those who wanted to show his work. Hopefully there's a new container that is effective, interactive, and not kill the creativity of people in music.

Hard drive Bad sectors that make a Laptop's performance Declines (Hang)

Have we feel our laptop or pc running feels slow and hangs your desktop or not responding as well as high-end procces? There are several causes that lead to a laptop or pc we are experiencing such problems (takes a lot of memory and disk space), including:-lots of programs that run at startup-the existence of file services that run from installed software-software-Service host: local host/service system: network takes a lot of memory when connected to the internet-the Cpu is operating too harsh-space memory capacity many fields-the abundance of junk files the corupt, cache, dihardisk, piling up already damaged hard drive-Virus-a Program that is run by a virus-open many applications, and problems of software, system and other hardware. The problem often once we meet and piss off, while it is doing the work and the applications that we use do not store the job automatically. As a result we had to turn off laptop or pc we forcibly, and that can also make the file system is corrupted and corupt. So awry yaa ... hehhehehe Here I will discuss these problems experienced by my friend, when the processes and memory capacity and disk performance becomes 100% ditask manager. My friend assumed that hard drive laptop is damaged and should be replaced, as each open multiple applications, with their laptops always lag/hang plus when connected to the internet, the indicator light does not Flash disks and applications become not responding and the cursor does not move was forced to wait in order to be back to normal again. In addition to the hard drive is it because the VGA card or Processornya is also in trouble? It was my friend. VGA (Video Grapichs Accelerator): function to change or translate the digital signals are output in the form of visual kelayar display monitor. VGA also has processor GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that require memory. VGA card has the type and function of each. It all depends on the magnitude of the application using the VGA card, such as games, design and others that it is definitely a lot of consuming memory. Processor is the brains of the running processes and control of the work and performance of computer assisted by other devices (hardware). Are useful for controlling processor mechanism computer systems running and perform calculations as well as running the commands that are inputed. Processor determines the speed performance of a computer. In general the functions of a processor is to process data received from the input, and then enter or will result in expenditures or output. Processor also contains the type and performance of each manufacturing plant. The most important part of the processor are:-Arithmatics Logical Unit (ALU): perform all calculation arithmetic that occur in accordance with the instructions of the program. -Control Unit (CU): traffic data as input, and output. -Memory Unit (MU): small storage Tool that has a fairly high access speed. After explaining about the vga and processor, now back to the problem hard drive laptop that allegedly damaged and should be replaced. Chances are if the hard drive is broken and it should be replaced when the hard drive unreadable in the bios, the appearance of the message "Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status bad, backup and replace" when the computer or laptop is switched on. Or laptop computer issued a strange sound when turned on. The possibility of such traits is physical Bad sectors where the dish or components contained in the hard drive suffered a defect and the damage. While the hard drive for Bad sectors/damages undergone logic has several features including:-or laptop computer frequently hangs-Performance computers or laptops become noticeably slow and heavy-the onset of crashes on the operating system and freeze-Appeared screen BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) when your computer or laptop in turn or at the moment is being used — appears warning CHKDSK automatically when your computer or laptop turned on and other traits. The possibility of hard drive bad sectors logic can be fixed with software, because the damage caused by it system partition because of usage or due to a virus. It's worth checking the file to the service running ditask manager, which, if the program that is incriminating or overload the performance as well as the performance of the computer or laptop, the way this is done in order not to create a panic si laptop users caused by damage to the hard drive and memory capacity that makes any disk full 100% and suspended some applications that are not required. How can windows by running the run (the coat of arms flag + R) = URservices.msc > = > search "Superfetch" = > > = double click on disable select Startup type = > apply and ok. Then find "Windows search" and select disable = > apply d