Kamis, 29 September 2016

Soundcloud Spotify was acquired, will kill the creativity of people in Music?

Soundcloud start deserted and abandoned by its inhabitants. This audio-based social media slowly towards bankruptcy and reportedly will be acquired by Spotify in the near future. As reported by The Verge, Spotify has already set up a Fund of 700 million U.s. dollars to buy a Soundcloud. This may be a fresh breeze that saved Soundcloud as one of the pioneers of social networking in the music after MySpace and Reverbnation, not as many as it used to be. However kemanakah gone hundreds of millions of songs are uploaded by users or individual artist/Soundcloud record labels from all over the world (including the songs I record) this later? Smule also briefly managed to steal market Soundcloud Smule is more practical for the recording than Soundcloud (musically.com) many users of Soundcloud now slam the steering wheel became a son of karaoke at Smule, a smartphone application for direct recording more practical. Soundcloud users will be more hassle in uploading his work because of having to record the music and the EP with a simple recording devices to the professionals. This makes Soundcloud users "blur". Soundcloud is also increasingly ineffective especially for indie bands who want to promote the music because the deserted visitors. Although some innovation try launched Soundcloud, the result is the same. Soundcloud user colleagues any more active use Smule and also switched to YouTube as the event showing off his work because of the combination of audio and visual is more interesting to enjoy people. Different genres with soundcloud Spotify is almost the same as Apple's Music and Google Play Music, Spotify is a streaming music subscription service that paid people to listen to music anywhere and anytime. While the Soundcloud user to upload any free the work of the user in the format of the audio to be heard and distributed to the public. This works by innovative new appear. As an indie musician, besides being beneficial to be able to share the work of music, Soundcloud also became the arena of search friends and fans. Even I can look for a new vocalist to join the band by searching for bakat-bakatnya here. If Spotify successfully acquires Soundcloud, means the same alone close the container's appreciation of musicians in this world. Then where else will they be anchored? Spotify may be well-meaning in protecting copyrighted works of the musician of piracy, because all the songs are uploaded on Soundcloud is easy once downloaded, free people. Major labels for musicians might not be too think about it. How about indie musicians? As we know, to upload a song onto Spotify is not easy. Song uploaded must be entered into the database of iTunes as well, which means that we have to spend enough in fees to upload and contracts per song. Not to mention the high audio quality standards are required and will be tested immediately by the sound engineer was certified before later officially released and sold on iTunes. Upon its release, the song we will automatically be heard via streaming music application like Spotify paid and Deezer. Certainly not commercial in nature such as Soundcloud Spotify, especially for indie musicians. Unlike a free Soundcloud, need the funds for my band could sell on iTunes and in the end can be heard around the world via Spotify Question, whether people will still buy songs or albums intact on iTunes if can be heard for free on Spotify? Soundcloud is supposed to be a potential promotional platform for bands or soloists are worldwide. Unfortunately, the clouds of orange this will disappear from circulation. YouTube may be the only stop on the end so those who wanted to show his work. Hopefully there's a new container that is effective, interactive, and not kill the creativity of people in music.