Kamis, 29 September 2016

Hard drive Bad sectors that make a Laptop's performance Declines (Hang)

Have we feel our laptop or pc running feels slow and hangs your desktop or not responding as well as high-end procces? There are several causes that lead to a laptop or pc we are experiencing such problems (takes a lot of memory and disk space), including:-lots of programs that run at startup-the existence of file services that run from installed software-software-Service host: local host/service system: network takes a lot of memory when connected to the internet-the Cpu is operating too harsh-space memory capacity many fields-the abundance of junk files the corupt, cache, dihardisk, piling up already damaged hard drive-Virus-a Program that is run by a virus-open many applications, and problems of software, system and other hardware. The problem often once we meet and piss off, while it is doing the work and the applications that we use do not store the job automatically. As a result we had to turn off laptop or pc we forcibly, and that can also make the file system is corrupted and corupt. So awry yaa ... hehhehehe Here I will discuss these problems experienced by my friend, when the processes and memory capacity and disk performance becomes 100% ditask manager. My friend assumed that hard drive laptop is damaged and should be replaced, as each open multiple applications, with their laptops always lag/hang plus when connected to the internet, the indicator light does not Flash disks and applications become not responding and the cursor does not move was forced to wait in order to be back to normal again. In addition to the hard drive is it because the VGA card or Processornya is also in trouble? It was my friend. VGA (Video Grapichs Accelerator): function to change or translate the digital signals are output in the form of visual kelayar display monitor. VGA also has processor GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) that require memory. VGA card has the type and function of each. It all depends on the magnitude of the application using the VGA card, such as games, design and others that it is definitely a lot of consuming memory. Processor is the brains of the running processes and control of the work and performance of computer assisted by other devices (hardware). Are useful for controlling processor mechanism computer systems running and perform calculations as well as running the commands that are inputed. Processor determines the speed performance of a computer. In general the functions of a processor is to process data received from the input, and then enter or will result in expenditures or output. Processor also contains the type and performance of each manufacturing plant. The most important part of the processor are:-Arithmatics Logical Unit (ALU): perform all calculation arithmetic that occur in accordance with the instructions of the program. -Control Unit (CU): traffic data as input, and output. -Memory Unit (MU): small storage Tool that has a fairly high access speed. After explaining about the vga and processor, now back to the problem hard drive laptop that allegedly damaged and should be replaced. Chances are if the hard drive is broken and it should be replaced when the hard drive unreadable in the bios, the appearance of the message "Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. status bad, backup and replace" when the computer or laptop is switched on. Or laptop computer issued a strange sound when turned on. The possibility of such traits is physical Bad sectors where the dish or components contained in the hard drive suffered a defect and the damage. While the hard drive for Bad sectors/damages undergone logic has several features including:-or laptop computer frequently hangs-Performance computers or laptops become noticeably slow and heavy-the onset of crashes on the operating system and freeze-Appeared screen BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) when your computer or laptop in turn or at the moment is being used — appears warning CHKDSK automatically when your computer or laptop turned on and other traits. The possibility of hard drive bad sectors logic can be fixed with software, because the damage caused by it system partition because of usage or due to a virus. It's worth checking the file to the service running ditask manager, which, if the program that is incriminating or overload the performance as well as the performance of the computer or laptop, the way this is done in order not to create a panic si laptop users caused by damage to the hard drive and memory capacity that makes any disk full 100% and suspended some applications that are not required. How can windows by running the run (the coat of arms flag + R) = URservices.msc > = > search "Superfetch" = > > = double click on disable select Startup type = > apply and ok. Then find "Windows search" and select disable = > apply d